Maggie sunglassesMaggie was a typical rescue. They had her in a pen outside in their back yard. She kept escaping and going to the back door to look in. One day, when she got out of the pen, she cut the cable for the television. That was it, she had to go. It was raining when we went to pick her up. They had her in the garage and when they opened the garage door, she bounced out into the open side door of the van dripping wet.

As, I am driving home, I am trying to figure out how to explain another new dog to my wife. As I entered the house, Maggie apparently pushed the door opened. She bounced into the house onto our ottoman and then onto the couch where my wife was sitting. She was now face to face with my wife. All my wife could say was “how long do you plan on staying”.

We do not ever remember having one angry moment with Maggie. She was always a constant smile and wagging tail at nursing homes and on our home visits for the past 10 years. She is on our envelopes and always in the car during road trips. This was an animal that lived to put smiles on people’s faces and she was really good at it.

Recently, Maggie had her spleen removed and we got some bad news. She has cancer of the blood and she is not expected to live long.

Maggie has put more smiles on more faces than she could ever imagine and she did it without even trying. Her last summer was full of swimming, fetching tennis balls and car rides. She probably would say that life has really been good to her. If she only knew how good she was for us and everyone that she met.

We have just lost a marvelous ambassador for rescue (11.18.05). She died in her momma’s arms on the way to the veterinarian.

You will forever be in our hearts Maggie. Thank you for being such a faithful friend.

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