Koda“Because it feels as if he’s been in our family forever, I really don’t even know exactly when we adopted Koda, 2003/2004 I think.

From the moment he put his paws on our youngest, a son with Down syndrome, Koda was one of us. I can’t even begin to tell you how many ways he influenced our lives and gave meaning to our family.

I only hope that in the years he spent with us, we did the same for him. Koda was given to Dirk’s Fund Rescue by a family that had several kids and didn’t understand that Golden’s need health care. When we first met him, I couldn’t understand how anyone could give up such a wonderful animal, but I’m really glad they did because that allowed him to become part of our family.

Shortly after he came home, we found out just how stealthy he was. I had cooked a pork roast, and had it cooling on the counter. As we came into the kitchen for dinner, there Koda was with a big grin and the port roast. This wasn’t to be the last time he would find a way to the food he wanted.

This past Monday, we lost Koda to lung cancer. He was a vital member of this family to his last breath and will be remembered for all the wonderful memories we have with him.”

Dirks Fund
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