BuddyYou knew him as Duke at Dirks Fund: we renamed him Buddy and that he was! 91/2+ years ago we went to Kennelwood to find a Golden and Buddy climbed the kennel gate and stuck his tongue in Walt’s ear! First dog we met and he was ours- he got along beautifully with our 2 other dogs so we took him home to find out he did not know what to do with a toy or a ball nor did he know how to climb stairs or walk on a wood floor. But Buddy was a fast learner. At 14 months old he became OCD with his toys and balls. He dropped them in anything you opened- dishwasher, drawers, even underwear. He lined them up in front of the bathroom floor so you would have to kick them when you came out. Not many dogs could hold 4 tennis balls in their mouth but our Buddy could. And if you wouldn’t play with him he would climb to the top of the staircase lay down and place the ball on his feet and very slowly nudge the ball until it rolled down the steps and chased after it! On Tuesday, October 15 Buddy died in my arms with lipstick kisses all over his head at BluePearl Emergency Clinic in Tampa, Fl. He only felt bad for a few days when the vet discoved he was bleeding internally. Then they discovered cancerous tumors in his lungs. Per the advice of the most compassionate vet, we put him down. Our Buddy had the time of his life in his 101/2 years of living. Buddy was an awesome,amazing,loving dog and companion. He will live in our hearts forever . Thank you Bob and Ona for allowing us the privilege of truly loving such a beautiful creature as our Buddy.

Love Walt and Joy

Dirks Fund
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