Annie & her son Oakley


I am writing to inform you of the loss of a very very special friend. Peanut Butter, we changed her name to Annie. We adopted her and her son Oakley at the same time. Oakley is doing well, except he is completely lost without her.

She died Wednesday at 7:40am. She first lost kidney function, we used a bag and infused her with 750ml of solution every other day. Special diet. Thyroid then went, then she became anemic and her heart gave out. The vet performed CPR and revived her and called us to come in, we went to vets Tuesday evening, stayed with her until the morning when she passed.

She was my best friend and I can’t stop crying, we loved her so much. I really hated to write this note but I know that you guys loved her as well. Take care and keep up your good works, who knows maybe we will be back to replace her.

Dirks Fund
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