Shelter Expansion


Exciting News!!!

Dirks Fund has successfully leased the rest of the building at our Pacific Shelter! We are working on purchasing it. Please come by and see our renovation progress.

We will now have more room for our Critters and be able to provide for them even better. Your donations will help us achieve our goal.

For information on donating stock, bonds or other types of securities or how to set up a Donor Advised Fund, please contact our investment adviser:

Steve Teibel at 314-878-7700 ( We're fully invested in our dogs!!

The information that you will need is the following:

RBC Capital Markets, account number 701-00899

dtc # 0235 Name of the account is simply Dirk's Fund


On behalf of Dirk's Fund, thank you for your generosity and support. Please feel free to contact Steve Teibel if you require any other information.