Rooster’s Story


Dirks Fund was contacted by the police after a drug bust about a Golden that had been left in a crack house. He was only 45 lbs and they needed someone to take him or he was to be put to sleep.

When we got him, he was emaciated, full of worms and could hardly stand. He tested positive for heartworms and after x-rays was graded the highest level that we have ever seen.

After treating him, we could not let him go and he became the constant companion of my wife. He was a gentle and loving creature that deserved much better than he was given. We made sure that he got it. A portrait of him hangs in our house as a reminder of why we rescue.

We created the Rooster Fund to raise money for the critters in special need of medical care and deserve a better life. Almost all of them are heartworm positive. Treating just one heartworm positive dog will cost us over $1,000. The medicine is very expensive.


Rooster Before

Rooster Before

Rooster After
Rooster After



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