A Very Lucky Boy!

Amos-Before Amos After

Amos is a gentle spirit that is at the moment of writing this story is laying at my feet. When Dirk’s Fund rescued him, we did surgery on his eyelids that were both turned the wrong way. They were constantly “irritating” his eyes and they watered all the time. Imagine as humans how we feel when an eyelash gets in our eye. Now, imagine 10 eyelashes in both eyes – this was Amos fate. A month later, we determined that Amos had a liver problem. He could only go about 3 days and then desperately needed IV fluids. We took him to Mizzou for surgery to get him a potentially life-saving operation. He had a 20% chance of not making it home.

Amos made it home but has a tough recovery ahead of him. He now has to be taken bathroom outside every hour as his liver needs to get back to work. This will take around 2 to 3 months to recouperate. We will know in a month or two whether Amos’ surgery will take. Until then, we feed him 4 times a day and give him meds with each meal. He is housebroken and will come to you every hour to go outside. If you saw him play with toys and hop from dog to dog trying to get them to play, it would have to make you smile. We have to give this guy this chance – what other choice is there. He is only one year old and if you ever met him – he would melt your heart.

This is what Dirks Fund is all about and this is an example of your donations at work. Without you, we couldn’t accomplish saving dogs like Amos. Thank you!