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Glassie – R.I.P 01/16/06 – 10/23/14

Glassie 2010

Glassie 2010

Our dear, sweet Glassie passed away peacefully on Thursday with her loved one’s by her side.  Bob and Ona Tillay – Founders of Dirks Fund said, “It was such a privilege to take care of Glassie, and she took care of us.   She never met a stranger – human or dog.  Her tail never stopped wagging.  She was her daddy’s nurse, foot warmer, car shotgun rider and mole catcher.  This was an exceptional critter – of course, she was a Golden”.

Glassie came to Dirks Fund in 2010 with her sister Shayna in the back of a pickup truck.  Shayna tested positive for heartworms and we treated her.  Glassie had a much more serious heart condition.  She had a bad heart valve.  She was given 6 months to live.  She lived the good life for 4 more years with Bob and Ona.  She had many surgeries to remove mast cell tumors and finally that was what caused her death.

Glassie, along with her sister Shayna became “Poster Children” for Dirks Fund Critters.  Anyone familiar with Dirks Fund has seen their pictures.

“We founded The Glassie Fund in her Honor to help those critters that needed a little extra push to get better.  She has no idea how many dogs she has helped.  This girl was a reason to RESCUE.   She will be remembered and missed by many”.

Glassie 2014

Glassie 2014

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Dirks Fund Annual Trivia Night

Trivia 2014Join us for our Annual Trivia and Silent Auction Event on November 15th! 

Please Click Here for more information and make your reservations.

We have 3 $150.00 tables  left.  The silent auction baskets are awesome!!!

 Sign up now – This event is almost full!

We still need donations for the “Booze Cart”, Electronic’s Basket, and Silent Auction Items!
Please contact Ona Tillay  at 314-249-7647  or ojt@att.net,   if you are able to contribute!



The Golden Post


 Slide.2-620x310_ctest Please Click Here for Dirk’s Fund October News Letter!  





OUR STORY begins in the 1980s, when Bob and his wife, started rescuing dogs.  Through the popularity of their two Goldens, Sadie and Hannah, they were constantly contacted to rescue Goldens from shelters or re-home those who were no longer wanted.  They rescued, rehabilitated and found loving homes for 11 dogs that first year.  Bob and Ona used their own home, resources and personal time to make sure each and every dog’s life had a happy ending.
Ironically, Dirk was not a Golden Retriever but a Great Pyrenees.  When they saw Dirk, he was unable to use his back legs.  Bob and Ona wanted to give Dirk a new lease on life so they paid for the double knee surgery and found him a new “forever” home.  There was nothing more satisfying than seeing Dirk run for the first time. 
As you might imagine, each year the numbers grew.  So, too, grew the need for funds in order to pay for the expensive treatments and procedures necessary to help many dogs see their way to a better life.  Through the generous donations of friends, strangers, and the veterinary community, proper care was attained and provided more affordably, and dogs were made whole again.   Many of the dogs received by our rescue have been discarded by breeders because they have outlived their “usefulness.”  Some of these dogs at three or four years old have never experienced what grass feels like under their paws or enjoyed the ability to move about in an area larger than 4’ x 4’.  Something as simple as physical contact with humans stroking their coat or kissing their head is, for these dogs, unfamiliar and often frightening.  Some, on the other hand, are simply puppies that just don’t “make the grade.”  Many are heartworm positive or require surgery on a hip or leg.  These procedures cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.
All of the dogs that enter our rescue are given a comprehensive physical examination and veterinary assessment and all the necessary shots.  They are spayed/neutered, tested/treated for heartworms, microchipped and groomed.  We conduct home visits of potential “forever” families to attempt to make the perfect match.  We require that all of our “forever” families sign an adoption agreement.  The agreement states that in the event their circumstances change and proper care for the dog is no longer possible, or the dog was not a proper fit for their family, they return the dog to us.  We will work to find a new home for the dog and a new dog for their family, if need be, no questions asked.
Since Dirk’s Fund began over 30 years ago, we have rehabilitated and rescued thousands of dogs.  There is no better rescue than Dirk’s Fund.  No one does more with a buck than we do.  We have NO PAID STAFF MEMBERS.  A group of very committed volunteers makes it all happen every hour of every day, every day of every year.

Katie_park_001Our website is dedicated to Phyllis' - Sweet Katie